miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Night shots of Cuenca.

I suck as a photographer, my camera is pretty basic, you get the idea, but maybe you will like this shots.

Shot from the top of Cuenca.

The bridge and the Parador.


Casas colgadas.

This is the spot Kanata and Yumina talk in EP.6 (Stairs in city hall plaza) I took this pisture to remind miself to dake one during the day, but ended up forgetting it...

Same stairs.

This is one of the lateral streets of Cuenca. It´s like a huge viewpoint.

And this is where i wanted to go that night.

And i took the next pictures were taken at the first minutes of my last day in Cuenca. I decided to do an early start to meet with my family, and why not, to see this view for the last time, while my Ipod played the track 24 of SnW OST.

Nighttime makes everything feel different.

 Okaeri, Rio...


Goodbye, time telling fortress...

 See you next time, Cuenca...

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