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Last Part: The end is on the beginning.

 OK. Last stop in this trip.

After checking out the brigde, i went to the dam to take some pictures. I had noticed that ruined building, and thought it could be either the place Kureha and Krauss get trapped in EP.9, or even the factory in EP.6, so i decided to give it a quick look. Suddenly i stopped dead on my tracks, because a little look into the interior from the outside revealed something i wasn´t expecting at all.

This is exactly what i saw from outside.

 Closer look. Still doesn´t ring a bell?

 At that point, i was determined to get in there, at any cost. Hard task because the whole building had been sealed. But after looking for a gap, i discovered a hole in the back...

 If you don´t know about urban exploration, there are some risks that you take when entering a place like this, like encountering drug addicts, wanderers, or even stray or dangerous animals, the state of the building itself is dangerous, because the floor or the roof may fall off anytime, and at the worst case, you may get accused of breaking a private property. It´s up to you to take the risk. I did.

At this point, i ask you to please play the first track of the SnW OST, "Une lumière envoûtante"  + rainy mood while reading  the following...

A hole in the wall...

Fallen roof. who knows for how many years.

Some of it still standing.

Sealed doors to keep people entering, because it´s dangerous or who knows why...

Another man made hole. Let the little kid in you satiate his curiosity.

A ruined building, in the middle of nowhere. But you are not lost, you already know this place

You wonder, what´s the history about this place, why did get abandoned...

Surprisingly, time has been mercyful here, and incredibily this place still has some beauty left.  And incredibily too, it´s totally garbage free and mostly clean of graffities.

 The sun is shinning today,  but you somehow feel in the mood for rain.

A little girl, crying, alone.


Maybe it was curiosity, maybe the rain forced her to stop here.

This place means nothing to a normal person, an ugly, old, ruined building. But you and i know different. We know that in the imagination of someone, a history, a whole world was born here.

Suddenly, a sound, a bell, get´s your attention.

 You look around...

Is your mind playing with you? A woman?

Getting closer takes you back to reality. Sadly.

I hope that wasn´t too ridiculous, but i was in the mood. This place was amazing. As i mentioned before, i had no clues about how what kinds of places would find in my trip. but of all of them, i didn´t even imagine this really existed.

It´s an amazing place on it´s own. The contrast of destruction with the beauty of those tiles, and the nature taking back what he used to own, the complete silence and for the first time in the whole trip, the complete lack of people.

We already seen where Kanata meets Ilya, but this is where Ilya meets Kanata. This is something you won´t get anywhere else.

I can imagine how the SnW team went to Alarcon, came down here to watch that bridge and the dam, taking pictures for reference, and how one of them noticed the tiles in the building, went in, called his partners in, and how they suddenly found some inspiration. I can understand why they included this place.

This place has mistery of it´s own. Look at those beautifully crafted pillars, and those rusted beams or train rails incrusted in the floor. Some inspiration for the "angel" fossil maybe?

Interior general shots of the ruined building. This building had a unnacessable basement. and that hole in the second picture went in there, so i had to be carefull

One thing i noticed is that the pattern of the surviving tiles has been respected in the anime, but the pattern of the tiles themselves has been changed.

Only picture of the Parador of Cuenca i reminded to take. I can imagine Ilya princess having some kind of encounter up there, and she needing to be alone for a while...

Outside shots of the building.


Well, that´s it. Still gonna post some afterthoughts, some nightshots from Cuenca and anything that i think it may be interesting. Keep reading!

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  1. Where do I start? Well, I happened to feel like finding a rainymood mp3. Found that while listening to Un lumière envoûtante. Then, it clicked. I played both together with separate media players. This led me to search if both were played, or if anyone had ever thought of it. Your blog was the first link; a blog with pictures of the inspiration for the show. Thank you.

    One day, I will visit it. It may be a long time from now, as I study hard for a good career. I hope that I do not forget and that these ruins continue to survive. Thank you for these images and videos.

    I put a ~33 minute rainymood mp3 together with Un lumière envoûtante (looping over and ending with about 30 seconds of rainymood). (It is a 31.5 MB mp3 file) Please, enjoy :)

  2. I finished watching Sora No Woto yesterday, it almost become my favourite anime, I'm a spaniard and I recognize Cuenca watching the anime (I knew how it looks but I never have been there before). And I found this magnific bloc now. Surely once in live I will go to there.

    That pic with Ilya in there made my cry. Thanks anon, you're great, I like you, and I hope you read it.