domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

La Ciudad Encantada.

Wikipedia : The Ciudad Encantada ('Enchanted City') is a geological site near of the city of Cuenca, in Castile La Mancha, Spain in which the erosive forces of weather and the waters of the nearby Júcar river have formed rocks into distinctive and memorable shapes.

It´s located about 20 minutes away from Cuenca by car, the road to get there is Initial D worthy, and has beautiful views too. I don´t really know but i guess there are probably buses from Cuenca in the case you don´t have a car avalible.

In the way there you can stop in a awesome natural viewpoint called "Ventano del Diablo" (Window of the devil), and enjoy nice views of the Jucar river.

In the way there i had a little "SnW moment" when i noticed i forgot to get new batteries for the camera, so i decided to drive to the next town in order to get some. I got a but angry on the way there, but once i got there and found this beautiful lake everything went peacefull again.

Accessing the "Ciudad Encantada" will cost you 3€, but i think it´s well worth it. The place it´s been Tourist fixed, and the whole walk in there is marked and gravel paved, it´s about a hour and a half walk depending on your speed and interest.

To be fair, i really didn´t find much SnW direct clues here, but the enviroment reminded of some of the surroundings of Seize we get to see. But there was something i did reconogize.

This is the first rock in the walk, and the one that we can see in the series, but in real life there´s only one, instead of seceral of them together. The rest of the Ciudad encantada is basically rocks that have taken the shape of animals and objects. Here´s some of them.

The Boat:

The King:

Elephant Vs. crocodile

The slide:

Most of these are a case of "Doesn´t work of picture", but with a bit of imagination, they really take shape.

This is the sort of place you´s love when you are 10.

I´d love to walk through here after a huge snow fall, it must be incredible.

This wasn´t really into the marked walk, but i jumped up out of curiosity and found this, the sea of rock...

Anyways, it´s great relaxing walk. I did it first thing in the morning, mostly alone and had a great time.I strongly suggest you to avoid heat hours, and specially tourist hours, because they will ruin the experience, because this is meant to be done as silently as possible.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos and your enjoyment of the walk. You just made up our mind for us to visit!