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First of all, Hello and welcome. And i hope you can excuse my poor english.

In January 5, So Ra No Wo To started airing in Japan. With the aid of the internet, this anime was avalible all around the world with english subs a few hours later of being aired. It´s a combination of factors that i may explain later, but i got hooked on this series and i watched every episode as soon as it was made avalible. It may not be the most brilliant anime ever made, as it has some shortcomings that could have been avoided, but it managed to take a little place in my heart. Well, the thing is that the settings for this series are based on real world places, specifically the Spanish city of Cuenca and some of it´s surroundings.

After the conclusion of the series, i decided to do a piligrimage to Cuenca, on the intent to see the place that inspired this great series. Actually i wanted to do this this in March, and watch the series finale while i was in there, but circustances made it impossible. I was lucky to find the time to do this trip finally in August 2010.
I wanted to see how the actual history mixes with the enviroment, and to try to understand how does Cuenca inspire the events in Sora No Woto (SnW for short). Also i tried to find some of the exact spots used by the animators to place the actual action, and take some pictures to be able to have a 2D - 3D comparation.

Be aware that i may be throwing spoilers here and there without warning, so if you haven´t watched the series and you intent to, i´d suggest you to leave this blog until you have done so.

This blog has not any commercial means and will try to be as respectful to the original creators as possible, for that reason i will try to avoid the discurssion about if SnW was a good or a bad anime, this is just a exposition of what i saw on my particular trip.

This actual Blog it´s inspired by http://veniceorigination.blogspot.com/, as it´s the same sort of trip, and is dedicated mostly to the kind anons that took part in the awesome SnW discurssion threads in 4chan back when it was aired.

I hope you enjoy the read, feel free to drop me a mail if you have any doubts i can answer, also i´d like to hear if you decide to do a piligrimage to Cuenca someday.

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  1. Oh wow. I would like to go on a pilgramage to Cuenca one day. Thank You for sharing your experiences. :) It was awesome seeing the pictures of the real time-telling fortress.

  2. thats awesome, everyone should see what your doing